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1:1 Expert Guidance from a Certified Business Coach!

There are many excellent business coaches and consultants available, so how do you decide who to trust?

Just as with any other service, your choice should be about more than just their qualifications and experience. What makes Jazmin so special is her commitment to women entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Because she is one herself, she understands how difficult the stigma surrounding women in business can be, and her mission is to educate and empower women so that they can feel confident in every room they step in to -  regardless of who is in there with them.

what's the difference between a business coach and a business consultant?

This question gets asked A LOT, but the answer is usually hard to come by. So let's talk about it!

A business coach is someone who helps their clients develop soft skills that they can utilize in their businesses. Soft skills are those intangible qualities that are often overlooked and not worked on, like communication and decision-making.

An excellent business coach will help their clients identify which soft skills they should focus on to reach their business goals, but also how to maximize the ones they already possess and might not know how to apply to their businesses.

On the other hand, a business consultant is someone who helps provide a bird's eye view to obstacles that their clients may be facing in order to find answers to their problems. A business consultant listens to their clients and offers different perspectives and solutions. Business consulting is great for targeted issues that you just can't seem to get a handle on.

here at The StartUp Shop - we offer both!

Whether you need help building up your business tool kit of entrepreneurial skills, or you have an obstacle in your way that you could use some support for, we have you covered. 

Choose between single sessions or take advantage with our monthly plan!

The CEO Coaching Plan

Receive more guidance for less when you purchase a monthly plan!

  • Business Coaching

    Every month
    Intensive business guidance from an expert
    • 1:1 Weekly Business Coaching Sessions
    • Custom Strategy and Action Plan
    • Unlimited Access to Recorded Sessions
    • Custom Business Workbooks
  • Custom Consent Form

    custom form for services, treatments, and procedures
    • Description of Treatment/Service/Procedure
    • Intended Benefits
    • Possible Risks and Complications
    • Precautions
    • Disclaimers
    • Policies (payment, refund, deposit, etc.)
    • Release of Liability
    • Arbitration Clause
    • Consent
    • Business Logo and Custom Header/Footer Added
  • Custom Contract

    custom contract or agreement for your business
    • Contract/Agreement Research
    • Contract/Agreement Preparation
    • Customized for your Business
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