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why, hello there!

I'm Jazmin Castello - business coach, business educator, mom, writer, and entrepreneur. I like to believe that I am the Queen of Multi-tasking, but I would be nothing without my iPhone calendar and to-do list. 

Let's see... my son was born one month short of my 21st birthday (my teenage dreams of Vegas had to wait), and his birth made me realize that I needed to step my game up. I was a young, single mom and I had no clue what I was doing or what I was going to do. The first job I had after becoming a mom was as a customer service representative and it gave me a window into the world of business - and I was hooked. Two degrees, two businesses, and one self-published book later... here I am!

The StartUp Shop is more to me than just a way to make a living. It's my full-circle moment - I now get to help that same woman who is just starting out, like I once was, make her entrepreneurial dreams come true. 



My mission is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to start and grow their businesses.


Bringing values to my work is non-negotiable and I genuinely believe that our businesses are at their best when we’re doing it this way - it’s why I talk about them so often here!

I not only strive to help others run a business in a way that feels good to them, but I also instill my values into every area of what I do. My values are:


I am always trying to be the best coach and educator that I can be, whether that’s with 1:1 coaching or classes, group workshops, or free content, I commit to keeping my expertise up to date and relevant, asking for client feedback, and taking continuous educational courses or training where beneficial.


In an effort to make the world of business a more accessible and honest place, I commit to sharing openly about my experiences of running a business and any learning that comes from it, using honest and clear messaging, and providing options that best serve my clients whether those options are provided by me or not.


I understand firsthand the feeling of taking the risk of investing hard-earned money or savings on a new business venture. I created my business to help others start their own, so I commit to maintaining affordable prices and keeping in mind the many different financial situations a new business owner might be in. My prices will always be fair and I will always offer options for every type of budget.


I understand that the world of business can be tough, lonely, and sometimes scary. I commit to building meaningful relationships with my clients by getting to know them on a personal level, truly caring about their success and wellbeing, and supporting them even after they’re no longer clients.

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